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Life and Happiness

Isn’t it weird? Just stopping to look at life? Like truly analyze it? I guess that when you stay too long without doing nothing, you begin to lose track of dates, track of time, track of yourself. I think that’s when you start questioning life. I don’t mean in a bad way, but in some way, you do. The real question would be, what can we expect from life? Or maybe what do we want from it? I don’t know, really. I know that, like all people, I want something. I’m just not sure what that something is. It could be happiness, but that lead us to whole other questions like what is happiness? We can’t touch it, we can’t smell it, we can’t hear it, we can’t taste it and we can’t see it. So how do we know what it is? Or if it’s here or not? How do we know if it’s real? There’s so many people that are judged as being happy. But deep inside, they are not. They are just living, crying in their insides. There’s so many people judged as being unhappy. But maybe they are the ones that are happy after all. I guess it’s something to do with your mood and the way you see life as a whole. So, I can’t say if I’m happy or unhappy, but there’s one thing I’m certain of: I’m living a life.


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I always thought I wanted to write a romance novel. Well, I guess I still do. It’s just that I realized (ok, who am I kidding? I knew the whole time) that romances are always the same. Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, something or someone stands in their way, they fight it and live happily ever after in the end. Or until the next book, for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, even with the whole cliché thing, I still love them and read them like crazy when I get my hands on one, but how can I possibly write a book without feeling like if I’m just copying out from somewhere else? That’s why I can’t seem to finish up a novel. Or not. Maybe I was meant to write short texts only. But that’s just another story…

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To feel that everyone but you has grown up is weird. I look around me and all my dear friends got jobs or boyfriends or anything that makes me see how older they’ve became. I’m the only one that is still stuck in a girl’s body even though my mind has been telling me it’s time to leave somethings behind. And that’s what I started to do. I’m not sure what I’m leaving behind yet but I have this feeling it has something to do with my imagination and dreams. And that, I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave behind not even in a hundred years. So I felt I needed to leave behind other things instead. Like seeing life as teenager and being immature. I feel like I’ve grown in my own special, disturbing way since that. It’s not easy, but I’m dealing with it as I can. My perspective of things changed and now I’ll just stick to my hopes and dreams to fulfill my goal.

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A Dream Within A Dream

What is real?
I’m lost in the middle of dreams and reality.
Suddenly everything feels miles away from me, like if it all is a dream.
Am I the only thing that’s real? Or am I just part of my own dream?
I’m feeling stuck inside a dimension that nothing is real.
A dimension where everything is as real as a dream.
Are we all dreaming? Or are we all living a dream?
Is this real?
I’m not sure of anything.
All I know is I am not real. Or not.

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X-mas Mode Off

Ano novo. 2008 agora é apenas mais uma memória na minha mente.. Mais um ano que deixo pra trás junto aos outros 19 da minha existência. 2008 foi um ano de decisões, um ano de grandes acontecimentos, um ano inesquecível. Mas, deixo tudo para trás. A minha frente, se encontra meu futuro. Futuro que me assusta ao me encontrar no mar de possibilidades que ele me proporciona. Futuro no qual me entrego de braços abertos sem medo dele não me segurar. Agora não existe mais retorno nessa estrada que prende minha total atenção. O medo do desconhecido corre nas minhas veias mas agora é certo: Eu estou pronta.

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X-mas Mode On

Christmas has just knocked on my door. I turned it on and my blog has Christmas all around it. Next week is all about family, food and gifts under the tree! I so love Christmas!

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The movie theater. A normal place, some may think. An almost dark room with a projector where people sit for two hours to watch “plays” that had been recorded earlier. That’s one way to put it. Not my way. A movie theater for me is a magical place. A place where dreams come true. A place where normal people, like you and I, go to escape from the real world. A place where anyone can be whoever this one wants to be. A movie theater is probably one of my favorite place in the entire universe. In there, everyone and everything around me just sort of disappear and the only thing I can see is the great screen in front of me, the only thing I can hear are those speaker boxes spread through the room. The ones that makes you feel like you were there, inside that very scene, watching as everything happens in front of your bare eyes. The cinema is my place to dream, while art imitates real life. Those two hours spent in front of the big screen are my two hours to face the most beautiful art of all. There’s no place like home.

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