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Life and Happiness

Isn’t it weird? Just stopping to look at life? Like truly analyze it? I guess that when you stay too long without doing nothing, you begin to lose track of dates, track of time, track of yourself. I think that’s when you start questioning life. I don’t mean in a bad way, but in some way, you do. The real question would be, what can we expect from life? Or maybe what do we want from it? I don’t know, really. I know that, like all people, I want something. I’m just not sure what that something is. It could be happiness, but that lead us to whole other questions like what is happiness? We can’t touch it, we can’t smell it, we can’t hear it, we can’t taste it and we can’t see it. So how do we know what it is? Or if it’s here or not? How do we know if it’s real? There’s so many people that are judged as being happy. But deep inside, they are not. They are just living, crying in their insides. There’s so many people judged as being unhappy. But maybe they are the ones that are happy after all. I guess it’s something to do with your mood and the way you see life as a whole. So, I can’t say if I’m happy or unhappy, but there’s one thing I’m certain of: I’m living a life.


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I always thought I wanted to write a romance novel. Well, I guess I still do. It’s just that I realized (ok, who am I kidding? I knew the whole time) that romances are always the same. Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, something or someone stands in their way, they fight it and live happily ever after in the end. Or until the next book, for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, even with the whole cliché thing, I still love them and read them like crazy when I get my hands on one, but how can I possibly write a book without feeling like if I’m just copying out from somewhere else? That’s why I can’t seem to finish up a novel. Or not. Maybe I was meant to write short texts only. But that’s just another story…

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